Our Products

The formulas themselves are specifically designed to help support the needs of a contemporary lifestyle. They are highly comprehensive and target the unique nutritional demands associated with your individual age, gender and activity level.

Each Progressive product is created with the assistance of renowned naturopath Dr. Mikhael Adams B.Sc., ND. They are energetically tested for optimum compatibility and crafted from the highest quality raw materials from around the world. With our extensively researched ingredients, finely detailed formulations, and 100% quality assurance, we pride ourselves on creating the most efficacious formulas possible.

Helping Customers

Unfortunately we are all faced with a number of challenges. Our goal is to help you conquer those challenges and to play whatever role we can in helping you to nourish and maintain a healthy body and mind. We will make every effort to bring you new ideas and to offer you better choices.


Helping our planet

We also believe in the importance of supporting the health of our planet.

As a company, we have made many internal changes in order to reduce our environmental footprint. These include changes to our packaging and point of sale materials, how our products are transported and how our personnel travel. We also have aggressive recycling programs in our manufacturing facility and distribution centers.