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    Demystifying refrigerated probiotics


    About that refrigerated section of your health food store...

    You're in your health food store. Confidently powering through aisles grabbing your seeds, supplements, and safe cleaning solutions. Then, the temperature drops. The refrigerated section. The one with prescription looking bottles, sentence-long words, and numbers for days. It's alive! It's refrigerated probiotics!

    Put your jacket on and let's get cold

    When your body is not being its normal awesome self, or being influenced by external factors like antibiotics, it's time you take probiotic supplements. Considering they're (really good) perishable goods, they're going to be on their best behavior in a temperature controlled environment, and mixing them with the frozen vegetables, kefir, or yogurt is mixing messages.

    Kefir, yogurt, and probiotics

    Eating probiotic-rich foods such as kefir and (some) yogurt, can support your body's function. But grouping probiotics with kefir and yogurt is like grouping Tylenol and tic tacs. When you have a headache, do you want a solution or just fresh breath? (this is an extreme analogy, but when the body isn't functioning properly, it's time for concentrated probiotics).

    The next time you are having one of the aforementioned irregularities, heading over to yogurt is just as much of a solution as, well, a tic tac. That's extreme, but you really are better off going straight to the source: in this case, refrigerated probiotic supplements. Keeping with the Tylenol analogy, if you know being dehydrated gives you headaches, wouldn't you enjoy habitual water consumption?

    Probiotics and proactivity

    Why wait ''til your bowel is irritable, stomach is bloated, or breath is less-than-kissable? Probiotics are waiting for your proactivity in the chilly aisle with their clinical-looking bottles, never-ending words, and larger than life numbers.

    If you're still wondering 'but what are probiotics?!', read about the science.