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    If VegeGreens Doesn't Replace Veggies, What Do They Do?


    Sorry to say, but Greens powders do not completely replace the nutrition of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. There are too many benefits of enjoying whole foods, aside from their exquisite appearance: the colours, patterns, shapes, fragrances, tastes, textures. Mother Nature, you spoil our senses!

    So, what's the point of Greens powders? To supplement, enhance, and complete a holistic diet. The benefits of Greens powder (specifically VegeGreens, because they are not all created equally) are endless, but here are three top attributes: Quick and easy, multiple optimal nutrients, and weight management.



    Making Mornings Easy

    Do you know what's delicious and easy? A full head of broccoli for breakfast. No wait, let's try that again''Do you know what's actually delicious? A homemade smoothie with a scoop of VegeGreens. VegeGreens is a great natural way to get a running start to your day.

    Few Canadians have time to spare in the mornings. It's unrealistic for most people to sit down to a full breakfast meal with complete nutrients; not only because it takes time to cook, but also to eat. Instead, make your mornings easy by blending up a smoothie! Let's say you make a smoothie with protein powder, banana and almond milk - your body will love you! But add a scoop of VegeGreens, and now your body has over 60 land, sea and cruciferous vegetables , including veggies rich in phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are found in bright coloured fruits and vegetables and are one of the most important groups of natural antioxidants available in our diets.


    Did you know new research has shown that consuming these phytonutrients reduces ''the disease risks associated with exposure to toxic pollutants in the environment''? 1 Considering the air pollution we are exposed to on a regular basis, this seems like a smart way to start the day. So throw that smoothie in a to go cup and out the door you go''



    Multiple Optimal Nutrients

    If you've made it to this point in the article, you're likely interested in health and nutrition. Chances are you are already working to consume a balanced diet containing the best foods of each food category. However, no one is a prefect eater all the time, and there's a chance you are not receiving optimal nutrition every day. In order for your body to absorb ''micro nutrients' like vitamins and minerals, our bodies often need them to be in specific combinations. VegeGreens is created with a synergistic blend of land, sea and cruciferous vegetables, as well as specific phytonutrients, plant oils, herbal extracts and botanicals. This provides a comprehensive combination of health enhancing compounds!


    Weight management

    You may have heard ''you can't outrun calorie intake''. Well it is certainly true that it is easier to not consume extra calories versus try to work them off. VegeGreens can also help with appetite control. We're not just saying this either. There are specific nutrients that research has proven to help with weight management: In a double blind placebo controlled trial researchers concluded that ''Spirulina supplementation at a dose of 1 g/d for 12 weeks is effective in modulating body weight and appetite and''confirm(s) the efficacy of this herbal supplement in control and prevention of obesity and obesity- related disorders''. By the way this is the exact dosage included in VegeGreens -you're welcome!

    Overall, we suggest that you continue to enjoy a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and fill in nutrition gaps with VegeGreens. Though VegeGreens is green as its name suggests, the contents are filled with nutrients the shades of green, as well as yellow, orange, red, and blue. And just like the popular quote ''eat the rainbow'' claims, it is important to eat a colourful diet, because fruits and vegetable colours are created through their nutritional makeup.

    Learn all about the nutritional benefits of each colour group with the VegeGreens 8-week challenge:


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