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What Makes Progressive's Perfect Probiotics So Perfect?

What makes probiotics so perfect?

Groundbreaking DNA testing guarantees all strains on our labels are in each probiotic capsule

Progressive Perfect Probiotics are nutritional probiotic supplements that promote well-functioning gut health. Probiotics, in general, are naturally occurring bacteria within the body that balance out the bad bacteria that can make people get sick. Everybody has several billion good and bad bacteria in their intestinal tract that can sometimes become imbalanced, causing digestion and immunity problems.

Probiotic supplements differ from the natural probiotics in the body because they are a nutritional support formula meant to boost those native probiotics that already live in your gut. When people experience digestion issues or even a poor immune system, it may be due to an influx of bad bacteria in the body. This is where incorporating a probiotic into your diet may be beneficial to your overall health.

Probiotics are marketed based on their potency, called the colony forming unit or CFU. The higher the CFU, the stronger performance of the probiotic. Probiotics are also made up of several different types of human species that occur in the body and promote various health benefits.

The two main species are Lactobacillus, which is often found in yogurt and various fermented foods, and Bifidobacterium, which is in some dairy products. There are several different strains of each that provide different benefits. For example:

  • Bifidobacterium bifidum helps with allergies, diarrhea, immune support and vaginal health.
  • Bifidobacterium breve helps with allergies, cognitive support, gut repair, immune support and inflammation.
  • Lactobacillus casei helps with cavities and UTIs.
  • Lactobacillus paracasei helps with allergies, cavities, food pathogens and helicobacter pylori.

This is a small sample of strains, and many more strains exist and can boost certain health functions within the body.

What difference does the TRU-ID® certification make?

The thing that makes Progressive's Perfect Probiotics so ideal is their TRU-ID® certification . This breakthrough DNA-verification test guarantees that every last strain of probiotic listed on our labels is actually found in each product capsule.

Our Perfect Probiotics 30 Billion contains 10 human strains; the 60 Billion has 15 human strains, and the 120 Billion carries 19 human strains of probiotic for high-quality intestinal health. The breakdown of each strain and how much is in each formula is completely trustworthy through the TRU-ID® certification technology. Our customers can rest easy knowing that these products have been scientifically tested for their promised potency, adding a whole new level of transparency and trust to probiotics.

The role of prebiotics in Progressive's probiotic supplements

Additionally, all seven formulas of Progressive Perfect Probiotics contain prebiotics. Prebiotics, not to be confused with probiotics, provide nourishment to probiotics. They act as food for the healthy bacteria in our bodies and often occur in high-fibre foods. Prebiotics help probiotics function well to enhance the balance of microorganisms within your digestive system.

Not many probiotic supplements on the market include these helpful prebiotics in their formulas, even though they tend to improve the overall effectiveness of probiotic functions. Prebiotics also naturally occur in foods like soybeans, bananas, whole grains, greens, garlic, onions and artichokes. They boost and feed probiotics so that they can deliver the best health support to your body.

How probiotics can improve full-body health

There are several full-body probiotics benefits, and they go beyond just gut health. While probiotics occur naturally within the gut and they are known mainly to balance digestive issues, they may also improve immune health, enhance blood cholesterol levels, decrease blood pressure and enhance blood glucose tolerance, according to Medical Xpress .

People who suffer from discomfort in their stomach from irregular bowel movements and constipation may experience relief when incorporating probiotic supplements into their daily routines. Probiotics could also improve skin conditions like eczema, enhance urinary and vaginal health, prevent allergies and colds and heighten oral health, WebMD states.

Probiotic supplements promote health and wellness for the full body, helping individuals maintain a healthy digestive system. Try one of our Perfect Probiotic formulas today to experience the probiotics benefits for yourself.

To easily discover the best probiotic supplement that best suits your individual health requirements, take our 3-minute digestive health quiz . This will help you to discover your level of need for gut health support and whether or not you should be taking a specialized formula. 

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