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    Escaping on a Winter Getaway? Don't Forget This Essential Item


    Escaping on a winter getaway? Don't forget this essential item

    Probiotics could be the number one difference between a great or a grim vacation

    Probiotics for travel are an incredible and essential item for your next trip. Whether you're going overseas for a few-weeks-long jaunt or away for a weekend road trip, probiotic supplements are the one item that could keep your digestive system on track in a new environment. Travelling to a new place introduces different bacteria, water and foods to your system. Your body clock is also messed with, which can lead to dehydration and vulnerability in your immune system.

    Incorporating probiotics for travel into your trip can help keep things in balance, though. Probiotics are the naturally occurring healthy bacteria in your gut that keep the bad bacteria in check. They promote healthy digestion, strong immune systems and balance throughout the entire body. Travel can mess with your body in unexpected ways, which is why it's more important than ever to pack a probiotic supplement in your carry-on bag.

    Some people even say that travel probiotics are the one thingthat makes the difference between a great trip and one spent feeling sick in the room. Since probiotics keep those bad gut bacteria in line, they support full-body health and reduce the risk of travellers' illnesses.

    The harm behind new food, bacteria and environments exposure

    From the moment you get to the airport, your body is bombarded by new bacteria from a heavily populated environment. You lose sleep due to travel and a new environment, and probably don't maintain the same nutritional and hydration standards that you keep up at home. For this reason, your body is vulnerable to various bacteria that could cause sicknesses or unwanted gut reactions.

    Depending on where you go, the water may not be safe to drink. Even brushing your teeth could introduce harmful water to your digestive system. With all of these potential bacterial attacks on the body, probiotics for travel can keep your system balanced and make sure unhealthy bacteria don't take over to cause undesirable side effects, like travellers' diarrhea or infections from coli and pathogenic bacteria.


    Additional health benefits of probiotics

    Whether you take probiotic supplements solely while travelling or on a regular basis, they have more benefits than just playing for your gut and immune system. Probiotics for travel certainly reduce the odds of getting sick or having digestive issues while on the go in new places and taking them long-term can also provide a balance within the body.

    People who suffer regularly from constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating can experience relief from symptoms associated with these digestive problems by taking probiotic supplements. There is also research to support that probiotics boost immune health and enhance urinary and vaginal health.

    NCBI published research that says the strain Saccharomyces boulardii is distributed in many countries to prevent diarrhea infections, like C. difficile. S. boulardii inhibits the bacterial activities in pathogenic products, as well as calms inflammation in the intestines. S. boulardii is a main probiotic species included in our Safe Travels Probiotics.

    The support of healthy bacteria in the gut on a regular basis can transform a person's wellbeing. Anyone who experiences stomach discomfort or pain from digestion-related issues can find relief with the common usage of probiotics. Before you go on a trip, start taking probiotics to balance out your gut bacteria before even introducing new and unfamiliar bacteria associated with travelling to new places.

    Safe Travels Probiotics while traveling

    Progressive's Safe Travels Probiotics will keep your digestive health in order when you travel. With 20 billion active cells per capsule, this targeted probiotic for travel decreases your risk of obtaining travellers' diarrhea or potential intestinal discomfort when you go on trips to new destinations.

    Our formula contains human strain probiotics, with additional Saccharomyces boulardii, and have targeted delivery through cryoprotection and delayed-release capsules. They are also stabilized in blister packs for ease of use.

    Travel + Leisure recommends taking probiotics for travel because ''You often have limited food options, it can be hard to remember to hydrate enough [and] sometimes you're feeling stressed about getting where you're going.'' To make the most of your trip and to keep your health at its best whether you are at home or on the move, don't forget your Safe Travels Probiotic.