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    Sunshine & Building Bones: 4 Nutrients Children Are Missing

    Nutrients Children Are Missing

    Whether it's because they never play outdoors, don't eat their greens, or some other unknown cause, research shows that many children are not getting sufficient Vitamin D in their diets.


    In fact, it's just one of 4 nutrients your child might be deficient in. Others include potassium, calcium and fibre. The first three -- Vitamin D, potassium and calcium -- are all vital to building strong bones. A Vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets, a disease more commonly known as soft bones.

    More Nutrients Children Are Missing 

    Worse yet, deficiencies in basic nutrients during childhood growing years can lead to life-long health issues including osteoporosis, the so-called brittle bone disease. Calcium, potassium and Vitamin D work in conjunction to build strong bones. Dairy products and some vegetables, like broccoli, are good sources of calcium. Watermelon, strawberries, bananas and even potatoes are good sources of potassium, but things like soft drinks can steal it from the body.

    And one of the best sources of Vitamin D is sunshine! The human body naturally makes Vitamin D when exposed to sunshine, but the things we do to protect our children, things like sunscreen, can make it harder or impossible for them to get sun-created Vitamin D.

    Fibre is found in whole grains and raw vegetables, but is missing in many of the processed, easy to prepare foods that busy parents rely on.

    One way to counteract nutrients your child may be missing is adding a vitamin supplement to their daily regime. We offer a range of specially formulated children's supplements including:

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