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    The Link Between Probiotics and Skin Health


    Canadian consumers spend approximately $1.4 billion on beauty products a year, placing Canadian women at the top of the list globally for money spent on this market. Additionally, a recent reporthad this to say, ''The demand for prevention and primary care, alphabet creams (BB creams and CC creams), masks and other similar products have grown in popularity among consumers''. So what is all the fuss about beauty products? Here are 3 common reasons people may invest in skin care products:

    • People wish for a more youthful appearance/elimination or reduction of wrinkles.
    • Some people have skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis.
    • Acne may occur for teens and even older adults.  

    While the beauty market continues to advertise its products, the secret of healthy, beautiful skin lies within your own internal ecosystem. How can a person achieve beautiful skin that glows with youthful vitality? The connection is between probiotics and your skin.

    Vitamins' Role

    We've probably all heard someone ( maybe us) say eat your vegetables because they are full of vitamins and minerals. The vitamins best for beautifying the skin are A, B, C, and D.  These vitamins can be found in many of the foods or drinks you consume. Exposing your skin to just 10 minutes of sunlight a day will give you adequate vitamin D.


    You may be saying, ''I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit everyday but I still have problems with my skin'' or maybe you're just not satisfied. Although you may consume the proper amount of vitamins, the nutritional value from the vitamins are not actually ''in'' your body until they are absorbed. So, what hinders absorption?

    Gut problems

    The gut is the main agent responsible for absorbing the nutrients from what your body consumes. If the gut bacteria is not balanced properly, then it will malfunction and not do its job adequately. As a result, the healthy food you so carefully ate will not have the beautifying effect for your skin, because your gut was not able to absorb the vitamins.

    Probiotic solution

    Probiotic supplements have the ability to restore the good bacteria -intestinal flora - to your gut, thus help the nutritional value from the food be absorbed into your system. Now your body has the vitamins it needs. The skin will glow with youthful radiance and other skin conditions are reduced or may disappear.