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    Top 4 Back to School Health Tips For Teens


    Top 4 back to school health tips for teens


    You might be considering all the different back to school health tips for teens popping up this month and wondering what you really need to know. We understand how important it is to start your teen off on the right foot each year and so we want to share the four most important tips we have found to make every day, a great one.


    Being prepared

    Being prepared to face the day helps to reduce stress. Some families like to create a "launch pad" near the door where backpacks, shoes, and other important items can be placed and easily gathered as they leave. When teens have the materials they need, ready to go, they can sleep with a clearer mind.

    A good night sleep

    The National Sleep Foundation recommends 8-10 hours of sleep for teens. However, statistics show the average teen gets about 7 hours sleep a night. Encourage your teens to shut down their smartphones and computers at least an hour before bed to give themselves time to wind down.


    Vitamins and Supplements:


    It's no secret that teens tend to have a poor diet. Vitamins are a crucial part of the morning routine and will help ensure they are meeting the daily requirements of vital nutritional needs. A daily dose of Omega 3 ( fish oil) will help support focus and concentration.


    A balanced breakfast


    A good breakfast should be energizing without making your teen feel weighed down. Kids Health has plenty of breakfast ideas and recipes that will send your teen out the door ready to take on the day.

    If your teen takes these four simple tips and incorporate them into their daily routine, they will be amazed at how well they feel and how much they can accomplish. These habits will follow them into adulthood as they are building the foundation of a healthy life.

    For more ideas to build a healthier life for your family and yourself please contact us.


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