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    Upgrading Your Winter Wellness Routine

    When winter finally arrives, there is often a noticeable shift in mood, energy, and overall vitality. The temperature drops, light exposure decreases, and we spend most of our days indoors. It's no wonder that our eating habits change, exercise routines slow down, and sleep time increases.

    While some may see this as unfavourable, it's actually completely in sync with the body's natural rhythms. The winter season is a time for restoration, deeper nourishment, and warmth and comfort. It's also the most important time to make sure that your wellness routine will support the body in maintaining optimal health during the colder months.

    Making a few simple lifestyle changes will help you to stay both healthy and happy in spite of the winter wonderland.

    Here are five simple habits you can easily add to your winter wellness routine this season:

    1. Prioritize your downtime

    Winter's pace is meant to be much slower. The days are shorter and that can bring about a much more leisurely approach to life. While it is certainly beneficial to maintain appropriate levels of physical activity, it's also perfectly okay to take it easy and to make extra time for rest.

    Listen to the cues your body is giving you and go with its natural flow. Sleep in a little longer if you're feeling tired, decrease the intensity of your workout regimen if your body is sore, and take on an overall gentler approach to your lifestyle. Set aside some personal time each day for you to relax, breathe, and wind down from the day's events.

    2. Eat more warming foods

    Do you find that come winter you're craving more warming and comforting foods? Your body thrives when it's in a state of balance, and during the colder months warmer foods bring a more satisfying sense to your body's inner harmony.

    Switch from cold, raw foods to ones that are more aligned with the seasonal environment. Spices like ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon can be easily added to the diet and they have a net warming effect on the body

    3. Keep your gut healthy

    Probiotics are one of the most important supplements that you can take. They help to optimize the health of your gut and your overall digestion. Some signs that your gut may be out of balance include digestive issues such as bloating, gas, constipation, or diarrhea, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, and other common imbalances like weight gain, anxiety, and depression.

    A high dose, high quality human strain probiotic will help to support the gut while gently bringing it back into a healthy balance. Other amazing winter wellness benefits of using a probiotic are improved immunity and increased absorption of vitamins and minerals - making sure your body stays strong all season long! 

    4. Keep your brain happy

    A high quality and high potency fish oil provides a great source of the Essential Fatty Acid called Omega-3. It's considered essential because your body can't make it on its own and must get it through the diet or supplementation. Some signs that you could benefit from more Omega-3 include dry skin, dull and brittle hair, difficulty in working memory, and inflammation.

    Both the body and mind are enhanced by Omega-3, with notable effects on mood, focus, mental acuity, and overall brain function. Expect your mind to feel much happier with sufficient intake of this mega brain-boosting nutrient!

    5. Stay connected

    Although the winter is a time to retreat and to stay cozy, taking the time to connect (virtually) with close friends and family is an essential part of keeping your health and happiness upgraded. Our personal and intimate connections have an uplifting effect on the spirit and a nourishing action on the soul. Take the time to have meaningful interactions with loved ones, opting for rich conversations and quality time.