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    VegEssential For Athletes

    VegEssential For Athletes

    A guest post by Sandra Florio, Professional Athlete & Fitness Trainer

    As an elite athlete it is important to consume adequate amounts of quality macro and micronutrients daily in order to sustain training at high levels and promote speedy recovery and repair, ensuring optimal performance.

    Given my hectic lifestyle, satisfying my nutritional requirements through whole foods alone isn't always very convenient or practical. Let's face it, sourcing quality, wild protein and eating a minimum of 10 significant servings of vegetables daily is something I constantly strive for but simply fall short of accomplishing at times.

    In order to supplement my diet and satisfy my increased caloric needs I rely on the increased nutrient content provided in VegEssential All In One. One of the things I love about VegEssential is the high plant based protein content. The importance of protein for maintaining lean muscle, providing stamina, and aiding in recovery is well known. Another bonus about plant based protein, as well as the generous serving of vegetables in this formula, is the alkalizing effect, which is essential to ensure the optimal functioning of muscles and most other body systems. Thus improving speed, power and agility. All of which are very important to athletes.

    With VegEssential in my daily regimen I have a solid nutritional foundation in place. In the morning, my 3-minute smoothie is the perfect post-workout breakfast. While competing in tournaments, it is the perfect meal without weighing me down or making me feel bloated and uncomfortable during a match. And when I'm on the go, it is reassuring to know that I don't have to stress about where to find a healthy meal option since I always make sure to have some with me. The sheer convenience of this meal has made it a permanent routine for me.

    I also enjoy adding VegEssential to other bases in order to increase the nutrient profile of whatever I'm eating. Adding it to savory items like guacamole, instantly transforms a snack into a meal, and delivers all of the essential macro and micronutrients my body needs in order to function optimally.

    Sandra Florio is passionate about all things concerning health and fitness. She has worked as a personal fitness trainer for over 15 years. She ranks among the nation's top professional beach volleyball players, has won 2 silver medals at the Ontario provincial championships, and has represented Canada on the FIVB world tour.

    When she isn't working with her clients, competing in beach volleyball, inventing new recipes, or spending time with her family, Sandra is traveling''most likely to Italy, for inspiration and nourishment for body, mind and soul.