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    VegEssential For Body Transformation

    VegEssential For Body Transformation

    A guest post by Jill Bunny, IFBB/CBBF Bikini Competitor & Fitness Trainer

    My recommendation for a key All -in-One product to help me reach optimal performance and recovery is VegEssential.

    I recommend the VegEssential All-in-One for athletes, weekend gym warriors and cardio bunnies of all levels of performance.

    It's no question that once you have your workout routine down pat, the second most important factor to success in your training regimen is the question of, ''What to consume?''

    I take away the stress of my post recovery nutrition by consuming a scoop of VegEssential in my shake every day. It is a quick, convenient, cost effective and clean component in my daily nutrition regimen.

    VegEssential is loaded with your daily foundational nutrients and each serving yields 27 g of protein per scoop to help individuals recover better, increase muscle and strength after a tough workout session. If you are like me and have a sensitive stomach, making it difficult to tolerate raw whole foods directly after a workout, VegEssential All in One is a great choice. Simply grab a shaker bottle and mix it up for a satisfying, easy to digest, quick dose of protein, carbs, fats, macro and micro nutrients that are much needed to refuel your body.

    Jill Bunny's Recovery + Refuel Shake


    • 1 Scoop VegEssential, Natural Berry
    • 250 ml Coconut water, unsweetened
    • 250 ml Almond milk, unsweetened


    • All you need is a shaker cup!
    • Add your coconut water, almond milk and VegEssential All-in-One to your cup, cap on the lid, shake for 15 seconds and drink.

    Jill Bunny is a passionate and committed trainer, #1 Ranked IFBB/CBBF Bikini Competitor and owner of Fit Bunnies Fitness Inc. She uses her competition knowledge and experience to train ''Team Bunny'' competitors to rock the stage with confidence, and pride.