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    VegEssential - Your Daily Foundational Supplement

    VegEssential - Your Daily Foundational Supplement

    A guest post by Nelson Narciso, Holistic Nutritionist

    It is now been well established that most of us are not meeting all of our basic nutrient needs through diet alone. Studies have demonstrated that most individuals are deficient in a multitude of nutrients 1. From vitamins 2 and minerals 3-5 to healthy fats 6, proteins 7-9 and fibre 10. Most people have come to realize these deficiencies exist and the benefits of using supplements to complement their diet. That being said I often find most people don't like to take all the core foundational supplements that are required to address some of these deficiencies. These foundational supplements include, in no particular order, Progressive MulitVitamins, OmegEssential Fish Oil, VegeGreens, PhytoBerry, HCP Probiotic, Sunshine Burst Vitamin D (seasonally) and lastly a supplemental powdered protein source like Harmonized Vegan Protein. That's seven supplements!

    As important as supplementing ones diet with these core nutrients might be, one of the biggest challenges I encounter with clients is compliance. Although most people embrace the idea of using core foundational supplements to make up for potential nutrient deficits, many sadly find taking multiple supplements challenging. Fortunately Progressive has used a simple strategy to solve this problem. They've combined a number of key foundational supplements into an All-in-One vegan protein. Not only does this mean there's no need to take a handful of capsules but for those who find swallowing a capsule challenging this will suit them perfectly.

    The product I've just described is called VegEssential All-In-One. This product combines three core foundational supplements into one convenient powder which can be easily made into a smoothie by simply adding a beverage of your choice (coconut and almond milk are my two personal favourites). The three supplements that have been married into one are Harmonized Vegan Protein, VegeGreens and MultiVitamins.

    This powerful trio provides an impressive nutrient profile: 27 grams of protein (equivalent to 4 eggs), 7 grams of fibre (equal to a bowl of oatmeal), 2 grams of healthy fats (2 tsps of milled flax), 5000 ORAC units (a full day supply of antioxidants), 6 to 8 servings of veggies (as measured by ORAC score, i.e. their antioxidant content) and over 100% of the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of 13 vitamins and minerals.

    So instead of struggling with the many individual supplements you need to use daily, simply whip together a VegEssential smoothie and know that you're covered!

    Nelson Narciso D.N.M®, has been our chief educator for 13 years. He's a holistic nutritionist, herbalist, Reiki practitioner with 20 years' experience in the holistic health and wellness field.


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