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    What's The Deal With MultiVitamins And Great Life Moments?



    Will taking a MultiVitamin everyday make your life like a Madonna music video? Perhaps not '' no studies to prove one way or the other. BUT, do our Canadian bodies get enough vitamin D, beta-carotene, and other essential nutrients? Also perhaps not.


    A great thing about being Canadian is that Canada is epic! Filled with adventurous places, multicultural faces, and endless opportunities for exciting (going for it'') embraces. One could even whip out the term ''Great Life Moments''.

    Great Life Moments can be the everyday little things that your family does (or doesn't do), or can be goals that you've been working toward forever. Breakfast in bed or your first half marathon is not going to be the same if you don't feel like your best self.

    MultiVitamins could be the perfect little guys to fill the nutrition gap in your (or your loved ones') lifestyle. Your body's insurance policy so to speak. And because MultiVitamins are designed for your age and lifestyle , you don't have to worry about the specific needs of each person in your family.


    MultiVitamins support bone, heart, and thyroid health, they boost your body with free radical fighters, they help balance pH levels, and they promote a healthy urinary tract and clear skin.

    That's why taking a Progressive MultiVitamin will keep you and your family at their best, ready to seize every life moment that comes your way. Progressive loves to be in the background of your fulfilling life. Your secret cheerleaders providing you and your family with a solid foundation so you can do flips and air twists. That analogy got away from us. Don't let those Great Life Moments get away.