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    Yay The School Year! 5 Family Fun Ways To Make Healthy Meals




    1. Do a healthy swap

    Offer your little ones a
    healthier version of their favourites to cut down on mealtime madness. Not only will they get a delicious treat that's also nutritious, these healthy swaps taste just as good as the originals '' making healthy eating a fun experience, and not a battle. Some of our favourite snack swaps include chocolate protein pancakes instead of sugary waffles, and kale chips baked with olive oil and cajun seasoning instead of high-sodium, high-fat potato chips.

    2. Get the littles involved

    Having kids in the kitchen can create a love of cooking and healthy eating that will continue for a lifetime. Teaching a child to cook will prepare them for a future of healthy, home-cooked meals instead of microwave meals, and a lifetime of food that answers their nutritional needs because they know what they need, and how to make it. Plus, with all the measuring, counting, and pouring, cooking is also a fantastic way to jump-start your kid's math and motor skills!

    3. Sneak in a supplement

    Adding a supplement to your baked goods and favourite recipes is an easy way to make sure your family is getting all their nutritional needs taken care of! We have a host of recipes featuring supplements, like Island Veggie Dip with Harmonized Vegan Protein , VegEssential Raw Brownies , and Vanilla Protein Waffles . Or, simply add a scoop of Harmonized Vegan Protein to your muffin batter to immediately make them that little bit more healthy!

    4. Be smooth

    There's nothing easier than whipping up a breakfast smoothie! Not only can you create a whole range of flavours, from Triple Chocolate to Green Giant Glow , but it's a fun and easy activity the kids can help with (when properly supervised.) Let them help portion out the fruit, scoop the powders, and press the button to watch everything come together! Plus, it's pretty hard to go wrong with a smoothie, so you can let them make up their own signature flavours.

    5. Make it fun!

    Turn healthy eating into a fun activity by getting a little creative! Challenge your kids to eat the rainbow for a week with colourful stickers on the calendar, use cookie cutters to turn a sandwich into a fun shape, take them to the farmer's market to see and touch the amazing variety of colours and textures, then have them draw what they saw. If you want your kids to grow up loving healthy eating, instill a love early on and they'll be set for life!