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    Yoga Hydration Tips


    Doctors recommend that you should drink a lot of water during the day''8 cups and more, if possible.  Most of us don't get this amount of water, even if we're working out and drinking water as we go.  Some of us actually avoid drinking too much water because it makes us go to the bathroom too often.  This is, unfortunately, a normal side effect of drinking water. 

    And, in fact, it's good for your health because every time you go, you're washing out more toxins from your body.  So having to go to the bathroom often shouldn't prevent you from drinking water.  Here are a few yoga hydration tips that will help you to have a better workout and gain more of the health benefits of yoga:

    1. Drink water before your workout. 

    A hydrated body is a more flexible body.  You'll see that you actually find it easier to get into your yoga asanas if your body is hydrated.  So it's a good idea to have a full glass of water (or a small bottle) a little while before your workout.  Don't drink too much immediately before your workout or you might find yourself uncomfortable.  Drink at least half an hour before you start your workout.  And if this means that you have to pause in the middle and go to the bathroom, don't worry about it.

    2. Add some citrus to your fluid intake. 

    Right after yoga, a glass of orange juice is going to feel really great.  If you're trying to go easy on the calories, go with a glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it.  Or you can also dilute that juice with water.  Most packaged juices are quite concentrated anyway and taste equally good if you mix two-thirds of them with one-third of water.  You'll feel your body's cells revving up for the rest of the day when you follow your yoga workout with a glass of fresh fruit juice.

    3. Drink Vegetable juices. 

    Most of us don't think about adding vegetable juice to our diet.  We prefer to eat our vegetables instead, either cooked or in salad form.  However, vegetable juice can be made palatable by the addition of a few spices, like black pepper or red pepper.  You want to stay away from the addition of more salt even though this might be tempting.  It will result in retaining water and work against any weight loss goals you might have.  Plus, water retention can also get in the way of performing yoga asanas.  It can result in cramps or general discomfort.  So if you're going for vegetable juices, keep in mind that you can use any vegetable that you want.  If it's not a particularly juicy one, just add some water and blend.

    4. Add PhytoBerry Multi to your water bottle.

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    Contact us for more great ways to increase your fluid intake while doing yoga.

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