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    You Can Have Healthy Teeth the Natural Way


    Healthy Teeth

      How to keep your teeth healthy holistically is a concern for many people wishing to maintain a more natural lifestyle. Toothpaste contains additives that are not healthy for human consumption. There are ways to care for your teeth that will keep them healthy, white, strong, and beautiful without using harmful products such as chemical-laden toothpaste. It's interesting to note that the toothpaste itself isn't what cleans the teeth anyway, it's the stimulation provided by the brushing action and the saliva that cleanses away bacteria. Toothpaste simply leaves a flavored taste in your mouth. So, let's look at some steps to caring for your teeth without using unnatural products.

    Sea Salt Rinse

    First, mix a small amount of sea salt mixed with warm water and rinse your teeth. This will help reduce bacteria and any acidic food or drinks you may have consumed from your mouth.

    Tongue Cleaner

    Purchase a tongue cleaning tool to scrape the tongue. Fifty percent of all bacteria in the mouth is found on the tongue, so cleaning the tongue will go a long way in having a healthy mouth.

    Ionic Toothbrush

    This is an excellent investment to make because it will effectively eliminate up to 40 % of bacteria from the mouth. The way to use this toothbrush is to place a bit of water on your thumb and put it over the silver plate that's located beneath the brush head. Then brush your gums and this will "create negative ions in your saliva" .

    Polish Teeth

    Use a dry electric toothbrush to polish your teeth and make them gleam. Remember it's not the toothpaste that makes the teeth clean, it's the stimulation action and saliva. This is accomplished wonderfully with a simple electric toothbrush.


    Lastly, don't forget to finish your session with flossing so as to remove plaque build up.

    By following these steps you can keep your healthy teeth, the natural way. If you would like to discuss this or any other holistic ways of living, please  contact us