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    What it means to be TRU-ID® certified

    Something that sets Progressive probiotic and herbal supplements apart  from others on the market is the TRU-ID® certification that each of our formulas maintains. 

    TRU-ID® guarantees that every strain listed on a probiotic and every active ingredient on an herbal supplement label actually exists in each and every capsule. When you see the TRU-ID® logo on a label, it means each strain and active ingredient has been third party tested by the University of Guelph for purity. With TRU-ID® you can feel confident in the supplements you're taking to boost your health every day.


    TRU-ID® is a breakthrough, independent DNA certification program founded on research and development from the University of Guelph. A state-of-the-art, testing process that uses the latest in DNA identification technology to guarantee that the ingredient is what it claims to be.

    Once Progressive probiotics and herbal supplements are verified, our products qualify to proudly display a Certified Authentic TRU-ID® logo