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Jay Ennis

Mountain Bike Racing

Jay is a health conscious marketing guy and an active lifestyle enthusiast. He grew up on the Atlantic coast where the outdoors was always his playground. As a child Jay aspired to work with nature with an eventual focus on marine biology and technology. This changed however, following what was supposed to be a summer road trip to visit a friend in Toronto.

Fast forward almost twenty years later he couldn’t be farther from the life of an ocean-faring biologist. Instead, Jay’s detour gave him the opportunity to enjoy an awesome career in product development, manufacturing and project management; an experience that he professes he wouldn’t trade for the world. Jay has a passion for cycling and boasts that he has found a deeper purpose since becoming more focused on cycling. He currently manages a race team and is propelled with more enthusiasm for fitness and cycling when he witnesses fellow team members have fun and find success in their own way.