Sport DURING (Intra-Workout)

Sport DURING (Intra-Workout)


Stay Strong

Reaching peak performance is one thing. Staying there is another. From the moment you begin, your energy stores drain bit by bit. Your muscles burn and your body and mind are weakened from the buildup of stress hormones.

But don’t worry. With the right fuel, you can PERFORM at your best from beginning to end. No more pulling up short or out-of-control cortisol. Just pure results.

Progressive SPORT DURING is an ULTRA CLEAN and highly efficacious intra-workout. Keep your body fuelled to stay at your peak.

Add DURING to water and sip while you workout, compete or play to keep your body in high gear—longer.




Pineapple Coconut / Watermelon


330g (Pineapple Coconut)
324g (Watermelon)

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Benefits & Features

  • It features 7.5g of Fermented BCAAs

  • 2g Fermented L-Glutamine

  • Assists with muscle protein synthesis

  • Reduces cortisol, a biomarker of physical stress

  • Assists in building lean muscle


Contains13.8g Scoop
Fat0 g
Carbohydrate3 g
Protein10 g
Medicinal Ingredients
Fermented Vegan L-Leucine3.75 g
Fermented Vegan L-Isoleucine1.875 g
Fermented Vegan L-Valine1.875 g
Fermented Vegan L-Glutamine2 g
Coconut Water (Cocos nucifera, Liquid endosperm)1 g
Sensoril® Ashwagandha Extract 2:1 (32% Withania oligosaccharides, 2% Withaferin A, 8% Withanolides) (Withania somnifera, Leaf, Root)†125 mg
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)150 mg
L-Carnosine50 mg
Grape Seed Extract 30:1 (90% Polyphenols) (Vitis vinifera, Seed)7.5 mg
Lactoferrin (Bos taurus, Milk)5 mg
AstraGin™ [Astragalus membranaceus, Root (10:1) 2.5 mg, Panax notoginseng, Root (50:1) 2.5 mg]††
Non-Medicinal Ingredients
Natural and organic flavours, organic stevia leaf extract, monk fruit, citric acid, malic acid, xanthan gum, beta-carotene, sunflower lecithin.
† Sensoril® is a trademark of Natreon Inc. and is protected under U.S. Patents 6,153,198 & 7,318,938.
†† AstraGin™ is a registered trademark of NuLiv Science USA Inc.

Progressive Advantage

Understand the Blends

DURING features 5 strategic ingredient categories. Here’s what they mean.

Amino-Up: Give yourself a steady stream of BCAA’s to protect and build lean muscle tissue.

Quench: Leverage the power of coconut water while you workout, to keep your body at peak performance.

Corti-Ease: Elevated stress hormones weaken your body and mind. Limit your cortisol levels so you can keep pushing through.

Defense: Antioxidants battle the free radicals that form during intense activity, and protect your body from cellular damage.

Shuttle: Every nutrient needs an open door to get into your body for optimal results.