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Adapting in times of stress

 Written by the Progressive Nutritional Education Team

The holiday season is here, and it may feel like you are in a mad rush to get all your last-minute errands done. Running from here to there while trying to balance a busy schedule can be a recipe for burnout1 which, if you didn’t know, can go hand-in-hand with catching the season’s cold.

If you are like many people, you are looking for ways to avoid catching a cold before the festivities begin! It can be tempting to visit your local health-food store and stock up on all the immune-boosters that are out there. Before filling up your cart, remember that when it comes to holistic health, lifestyle and nutrition play a large role. For sustainable, long-term, results it is important that you pay attention to how you are living day-to-day. Supplementation can be an excellent addition to your health routine, covering your nutritional bases and boosting up where needed!

During the season of glittery lights, we tend to hear of more people catching a cold. Although we know there is no research supporting that the cold weather makes people sick, we do know that stress2, poor diet3 and poor sleep1 can all alter immune function, making you more susceptible to illness. All three of these areas tend to be heightened during the holidays, the exact time of year everyone wants to be feeling their best.

Introducing stress-resilience techniques like yoga and meditation, putting emphasis on eating well most of the time, and keeping on top of a sleep routine are all key pillars that should be addressed when you are looking to support immune health.  

If you are looking to take the extra step for immune support, beta-glucans are an ingredient worth including. With over 80 clinical trials and 20,000 published studies, beta glucan has been shown to act as an important immunomodulator4. An immunomodulator is defined as the substance capable of interacting with the immune system resulting in up- or down-regulating specific parts of the immune response4. This means that it works with your body.

The unique ability of beta-glucans is to work with the body to support immune function as well as overall health.

Our new Immuno Daily Support formula is a fantastic addition to a daily immune health regime. This formula contains pillar immune support nutrients like zinc and vitamin C as well as beta glucans, combined to provide a source of antioxidants and daily immune support.



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