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Balance Cottage & Patio Life this Summer with 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips



Whether you escape to a summer cottage, enjoy some drinks on a patio, take to the backyard grill, or enjoy the Canadian summer in your unique way, there is a chance that your summer months need some lifestyle balances. Here are some tips to have that balanced life:

1. Drinks and Nibbles

Restaurants love that little menu that has ''drinks and snacks,'' or ''bites'' if they think they're fancy. Either way, everything on the menu looks incredible, but something gotta give. Instead of indulging in drink and snack, try ordering veggies and hummus. Usually, the wait team doesn't mind accommodating this request. And it's nice to have something to snack on while enjoying your favourite ''cold one.''

2. Cottage and Yoga

The cottage can already be a very balanced place to unwind and take in the season. Sometimes, the constant of hosting can lead to a lot of parties or events revolving around a host of energy-fuelled fun. Try loading up a yoga video (assuming internet connection is a thing...if not, intentional movement and breath in a controlled environment can do the trick), and taking some time for yourself to rejuvenate and regenerate.

3. Backyard and Brussel Sprouts

The grill is sometimes home of chicken breasts, bell peppers, and pineapple slices, and other times it's filled with hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken wings. For the days when less nutritious foods win the majority grill space, try putting some lightly marinated Brussels sprouts in tin foil and balance that meal right up. One cup of Brussels sprouts has 3.3g of fibre (so you can feel full), 3g of protein (also very satisfying), 124% of daily vitamin C, and only 38 calories.  


4. Beach and Run

For the hot days on the beach, it is so much fun packing a picnic, reading a book, and digging large holes (the last one could be niche). Going for a swim is also completely satisfying. Try to elevate that satisfaction by going for a run before diving into the refreshing body of water. Running on the sand is also more intense than a flat surface, so the boardwalk can be a more predictable choice.  

5. Hike and Granola  

Canada has the most incredible hiking trails ( check out your area's hikes here ). Instead of packing pre-made protein or granola bars, try these nutrient-packed Cranberry Blueberry Granola Bars . Try replacing the Harmonized Vegan Protein with VegEssential to increase the vitamins and minerals in your bars.

  Indulge in our precious fleeting summer! Happy balanced lifestyle to all!

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