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Energy Boosting Grab and Go High Fibre Snacks


As an on-the-go, active person, you know that you sometimes just don't have time to eat a well-balanced meal. That's why you should always have some form of grab and go high fibre snacks available. These recipes will give you the boost of sustained energy you need to achieve true exercise success.

Flax-Seed and Yogurt
Flax-seed is absolutely loaded with fibre, making it a potent fibre additive in just about any recipe. However, one of the quickest (and easiest) ways you can add it to your diet is to mix it with high-protein yogurt.

Any flavour of yogurt will do though the healthiest is unflavoured and unsweetened. Simply mix it together in a grab-and-go plastic container and eat it with a spoon during your next exercise break. If you want some added nutrition and flavour, stir in some PhytoBerry.

Pear and Almond Butter
People often ignore pears in their fruit diet, but they shouldn't: each pear has four huge grams of fibre. However, a pear by itself is not substantial enough as a meal. Adding a topping, such as almond butter, helps add a little more sustenance to your meal so you stay full for longer.

Almond butter is particularly tasty with pears and offers a wide range of healthy fat that create sustained energy - perfect for your next round of exercise.

Strawberry and Banana Parfait
Have fruits ever paired more perfectly than strawberries and bananas? These two power fruits offer a wide variety of health benefits, including major doses of fibre. This simple parfait is a perfect recovery snack after an extensive workout.

Simply mix two tablespoons of yogurt, ¼ cup of flax-seeds cereal, ¼ cup of strawberry, and ¼ banana slices into small plastic cups. Chill if you like, but it's ready to eat immediately.


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