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    How To Enjoy More This Summer


    Written by Kyle Buchanan

    Four amazing words: summer is almost here! Whatever life throws at us, experiencing it in the warm sun always makes it easier.

    I thought for my summer picks, instead of announcing them over on Instagram, I’d share them in written format! After all, summer isthe time to sit back, relax and read a little more, right?!

    So, with that, here are my summer picks!

    What I’m Reading

    The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks: this is one of my favourite all time books, which I’m rereading now. It explores and eloquently explains how we let our own imposed barriers limit us and keep us in our zone of comfort. For anyone looking for even the slightest bit of personal growth, this book comes highly recommended.

    What I’m Watching

    Heal: this is a Netflix documentary that came out a little while ago and explores (among other things) the power of the mind when it comes to healing.

    The Truth About Alcohol: also on Netflix, this explores the effects of alcohol, both benefits and risks, and looks into the science of drinking.

    What I’m Drinking

    Rooibos Tea: sometimes called red bush tea, this caffeine-free herbal tea is incredibly high in antioxidants (including quercetin which is a favourite of mine!), and is one of my go-to teas to drink during the summer. It has a wonderful, natural sweetness to it and I like to serve it on ice.

    What I’m Taking

    Vitamin D: even during the summer months, this is a staple supplement for me that I recommend.

    Vitamin C: another staple of mine, to help with immune function.

    Perfect Probiotic 60 Billion: this is my personal favourite, and by far the best probiotic I have used to support digestive health.

    Lion’s Mane: this mushroom has great immunomodulating properties.

    What I’m Listening To

    Ultimate Health Podcast: this has been a podcast I’ve been listening to for a number of years, that explores a variety of holistic health topics with some of the industry’s leading experts.

    Smartless: this is not related to anything regarding health or nutrition but is an amazing podcast where three hilarious celebrities interview a variety of guests. It’s probably the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to so I had to include it. And as they say, laughter is the best medicine!

    I hope you have a wonderful summer ahead, filled with laughter, cheerfulness, and good health!