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How to set fitness goals you'll actually keep

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#Goals. You probably have a couple kicking around, probably along the lines of losing weight or exercising more. Here's the thing - not to be a party pooper, but thanks to something known as the planning fallacy , your goals might be too optimistic and therefore not doable. So, how do you set fitness goals that you can actually reach? We've broken it down below.

Set SMART Goals

The SMART system is a favourite of businesses large and small, and it works for your fitness goals, too! SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Measurable, and Timely, and it was designed to help you focus your efforts, track your progress, and achieve your goals. So, think less in terms of ''lose weight' or ''go to the gym more', and more in terms of ''build 10lbs of muscle by July' or ''go to the gym 4x a week'.

Chart the course

No matter how realistic your goal, it's not going to happen overnight, leaving you feeling like you've plateaued. So, lay out your path to your big goal with a series of smaller goals: say you're trying to run a 10k by the Spring, start with a 1k goal within your first two weeks, then work your way up. Focus on and celebrate each of these milestones as you go to help you stay motivated and on track.

Give yourself a helping hand

Support and supplement your fitness goals to stay fightin' fit. Enhance your workout performance with Progressive Sport , our specially designed 100% natural pre/during/post workout supplements created to help you get the very best out of yourself and your workout. You'll focus better, maximize your energy, and know that you gave it everything you had. And what could feel better than that?




Take it personally

Make sure you're at the very heart of every goal you make. Don't set a goal because everyone also is doing it or because your friend is making you. Before you start, ask yourself: how will this goal make my life better? Then ask yourself: how do I want to FEEL when I am done? More confident? Stronger? Like an actual superhero? A goal is a commitment that doesn't happen overnight, but by focusing on how these goals will add to your life, you're working towards a positive, rather than depriving yourself or cutting back.

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Have fun with it

Starting a new routine is challenging enough, so avoid physical and mental fatigue by switching your workouts up. If you're goal is simply to get more exercise, it doesn't matter if you're hitting the treadmill or doing yoga with goats. (Yep, it's real, and yep, it's spectacular !) Keeping your workouts fun and engaging will prevent brain drain and keep you motivated to keep pushing.

Curate your social media

If scrolling through a sea of tanned, toned bodies motivates you to get out there and hit the gym, then by all means keep it up. But, there's a very real chance that seeing those ''afters' when you're still in ''before' mode is going to leave you demoralized. Instead, turn that focus inward, thinking about how you'll feel when you've achieved what you set out to achieve, and maybe try saying a few affirmations out loud to yourself. Cheesy, yes, but building yourself up is better than tearing yourself down because you're not accomplishing an Instagram fitness model's goal.

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