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Healthy snack swaps for the family

Family-1.jpg Getting your kids to eat healthy can either be really easy, nearly impossible, or the result of good, old-fashioned trickery. Here are some sneaky snack swaps that are healthier dupes of high-sugar, high-sodium, ''kid kryptonite' favourites. Serve them at the next birthday party to avoid the sugar high and subsequent crash, or pack them in a lunchbox and rest easy that they won't immediately get traded for junk food.

If your kids love i ce cream... try  Greek Yogurt bark


Line a baking sheet with parchment paper, mix honey and greek yogurt together, then spread on the parchment paper in a thin layer. Top with your favourite chopped fruits, nuts, maybe throw some toasted coconut on there, and freeze for a couple hours until firm. Break into uneven pieces and let your little ones scream for this high-protein, low-sugar treat.

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If your kids love w affles...t ry c hocolate protein pancakes


These three-ingredient wonders are gluten- and refined sugar-free, take five minutes to make, and are chocolatey enough to hit that waffle sweet spot. If you're making these for little ones, make sure to swap the WheyEssential in the recipe for kid-friendly Organic Whey instead. It's a gluten-free way to add protein, plus it's a natural source of calcium that contains the full spectrum of amino acids.

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If your kids love p otato chips...try k ale chips


Look, we know this one is gonna be a tough sell. Kale is obviously not a potato, it's green, and it looks super healthy. But, if your kids are looking for something crispy and salty, these might just do the trick! They're also simple to make and endlessly customizable: try cajun seasoning for a little kick or nutritional yeast for a cheesy nibble.

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If your kids love m arshmallow rice squares...try b rown rice squares



Turn a favourite childhood treat into a gluten-free, processed junk-free, artificial-ingredient free version that's perfect for little ones! These only need three ingredients: brown rice crisp cereal, coconut oil, and brown rice syrup for sweetness and binding. A little sprinkle of sea salt gives that salty-sweet magic which makes them almost irresistible, or you could drizzle them with a little dark chocolate to make them extra decadent. These all-natural squares will take the cake. Literally.

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If your kids love m ilkshakes...try  Banana Cream Pie smoothies


Make this tasty treat with   Progressive Organic Whey Protein and you're in the healthy money! Organic Whey Protein is free of gluten and any artificial ingredients, plus it has a whopping 23g of protein per serving. Add that to the potassium in bananas and this is the perfect after-school snack! Crumbled wafers and whipped cream are optional toppings to make these a little more decadent, or swap for whipped coconut cream and granola for a dairy-free treat. To make these even more ice-creamy, try adding ¼ tsp of Xanthan Gum .

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