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OmegEssential® Liquid Fish Oil

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Progressive Sustainably-Sourced OmegEssential High Potency Fish Oil is a foundational supplement designed to be taken on a daily basis. It has a long list of benefits and is ideal for the maintenance of good health. Each serving provides 1,000mg of EPA and 550 mg of DHA in a balanced 2:1 ratio.

  • 200 mL
  • 500 mL
  • Orange
  • Pineapple Coconut

OmegEssential® Liquid Fish Oil
OmegEssential® Liquid Fish Oil
  • Cold water and wild caught fish
  • Molecularly distilled & to remove all unwanted contaminants
  • Additional antioxidants to preserve the high potency oil from oxidation
  • Formulated with Sustainably Sourcedâ„¢ fish oils
  • A clean, pleasant taste
Sustainably Sourced

Progressive is committed to improving the health and wellness of people worldwide without compromising the health of the earth’s natural resources. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve our environment for future generations that will rely on our waters being healthy.

Progressive carefully selects fish oils from vendors globally who implement practices, procedures and equipment designed to protect fish stocks. Our suppliers are carefully chosen through a variety of standard requirements designed to protect marine life including sustainable operations from fishery to finish, resource diversification, sustainable fish stocks and those who implementstrategies for bycatch prevention.

Supplement Facts

Medicinal Ingredients per 1 tsp
Cold Water Fish Oil Blend (Sardine, Anchovy, Mackerel) 2,750 mg
EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 1,000 mg
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 550 mg
Mixed Tocopherols 38 mg
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20 mg
Grape Seed Oil 5 mg
Lemon Oil 5 mg
Rosemary Leaf Extract 5 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Natural Flavour, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract, Sunflower Oil.

Allergens Contains fish.

Suggested Use

Suggested Dose:

Adults: Take 1 tsp (5 ml) once daily. Shake gently before using. Refrigerate after opening and consume within 90 days. Keep lid tightly closed and the bottle protected from light.


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