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7 Winter Health Tips for Busy Moms

7 Winter Health Tips for Busy Moms

In the busy winter season, moms can benefit from lifestyle changes and a Progressive multivitamin to keep them healthy and alert.


Winter is a mixed blessing when it comes to your health, especially when managing the holiday season and the hustle and bustle of busy kids.

Cold temperatures perform a public health service by killing off disease-spreading insects and microorganisms. Cold weather may also help us slim down by stimulating metabolically active brown fat. And, there's even some science to suggest that swimming in frigid water is believed to do health wonders. (It's not one of our tips, however.)

On the other hand, blood pressure increases during the winter, and flu viruses

spread more readily once the air is dry and chilly. Also, winter darkness can make matters worse. When the days are short and the sun is at a low angle, levels of vitamin D in the body tend to dip.


A few changes to your routine could be all you need to make it to spring with a smile.

  1. Move: Whether by grabbing a snow shovel or even lacing up your tennis shoes for a run, finding little ways to add movement into your every day can elevate your mood, can help raise your endorphins and can give you a healthier and brighter outlook.
  2. Change your toothbrush: Just the simple switch of a toothbrush head can instantly elevate your dental health, by cleaning through more plaque and waving goodbye to the microscopic organisms that can gather on an old brush.
  3. Humidify: As the weather cools down, the air tends to get drier. By adding a humidifier to your bedroom or to your home, you'll be able to prevent against chest colds and coughs much more effectively.
  4. Take your vitamins: Taking a Progressive multivitamin can boost your immunity and improve your energy levels during any season. With ingredients and science behind them that works, they're the perfect addition to your medicine cabinet and wellness routine.
  5. Drink water: From improving digestion to smoothing your skin (winter dryness no more!), making sure you're as hydrated as possible does nothing but good.
  6. Up your fibre: When you up your fibre intake, your body will thank you by helping you to shed extra pounds and normalizing bowel movements. By adding fibre in your diet by way of fruits, vegetables and grains, you'll be able to improve your health without even trying.
  7. Relax: We know it's easier said than done, but whether you take a yoga class or even a nap, taking a few minutes to yourself in the midst of a busy season can reduce blood pressure, help to maintain your blood sugar levels and relax tense muscles.


Before you know it, the tulips will be in bloom and you'll be shedding your bulky sweaters, so try to really enjoy winter instead of just surviving it. You get more out of life that way, and that's the best tip we've got.

Take a look at the different types of Progressive multivitamins to decide which one works the best for your lifestyle. With formulas rooted in science and health, you'll be able to find the right one for you and rise above the rough parts of the winter season.

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