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    Probiotics are small but mighty gut balancers that can be extremely impactful on your health. These supplements are made up of live microorganisms intended to maintain the good bacteria in your body and improve your overall health.
    Which way should you activate the beneficial cultures found in your digestive system? Learn more about the case of probiotics vs yogurt.
    Probiotics target the source of your bad breath to permanently eliminate, not mask the smell. Discover the link between probiotics and fresh breath.
    Progressive Perfect Probiotics contain prebiotics and are DNA-tested for absolute ingredient transparency.
    Probiotic supplements are made up of live microorganisms intended to maintain the good bacteria in your body. Our probiotic supplements also contain prebiotics.
    Tips for parents on how probiotics can help keep their little ones healthy and happy.
    Demystifying probiotics, because the yogurt industry has taken the word hostage.
    What exactly is this spicy fermented superfood and why is it so good for you? Here's the scoop on the health benefits of kimchi.
    Probiotics are the good bacteria living in your large intestine, and they influence your digestion, immunity and other bodily functions. Find the best probiotic formula for your needs, to experience optimal benefits.
    As your child grows and develops, so do the bacterial colonies in your child's digestive system. A probiotic for children can help your child's immune system and overall health.
    Here are some top ways you can support your microbiome and by extention, your overall good health.
    Incorporating the right foods and supplements will set you on the path to better digestive health and full body wellness.
    Changes in the gut environment caused by stress, poor eating habits or illness can greatly alter the bacterial community profile resulting in uncomfortable changes in the appearance or frequency of your poop.
    Did you know there's a connection between your gut health and your sleep habits? Discover the link.
    Digestive health affects overall health. It is important to support your digestive system so it can support you.
    Progressive's brand of Perfect Probiotics are TRU-ID® certified, which means each strain listed on the label is guaranteed to be in every capsule.