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The ''Pros'' of Probiotics

Probiotics are small but mighty gut balancers that can be extremely impactful on your health. These supplements are made up...

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What Makes Progressive's Perfect Probiotics So Perfect?

Progressive Perfect Probiotics contain prebiotics and are DNA-tested for absolute ingredient transparency.

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It's a gut feeling...what is your body telling you?

Demystifying probiotics, because the yogurt industry has taken the word hostage.

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Embracing Good Bacteria: Probiotics for Children

As your child grows and develops, so do the bacterial colonies in your child's digestive system. A probiotic for children...

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woman sleeping with her head on a pillow
The Link Between Gut Health and Sleep

Did you know there's a connection between your gut health and your sleep habits? Discover the link.

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The 6 Essentials To Ensure Digestive Tract Health

Digestive health affects overall health. It is important to support your digestive system so it can support you.

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When You're a Perfectionist, You Certify It

Progressive's brand of Perfect Probiotics are TRU-ID® certified, which means each strain listed on the label is guaranteed to be...

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Best Probiotic Rich Foods

Best probiotic rich foods - probiotics are good bacteria that live in your gut, helping your digestion & boosting your...

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The benefits of probiotics (and 70 billion reasons to take them!)

Demystifying probiotics, because the yogurt industry has taken the word hostage.

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