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    Why We Worry about Putting Vitamin C and Tryptophan in Our Collagen? So You Don't Have To

    Collagen is the unsung superhero in your body. It is a key structural protein within your connective tissues that supports healthy skin, joints, and muscles. Collagen production occurs naturally within the body to increase elasticity in the skin and promote lean, stretchy muscles and joints. Collagen supplements have been revving up the health and wellness industry because of all of their do-good work in the body.

    Even though your body creates the protein internally, natural collagen production slows down over time, so introducing a supplement to your diet can provide your body with the necessary protein support it needs.But did you know collagen supplements are only effective if they contain tryptophan and vitamin C? These extra additives fully release the positive benefits that collagen provides the body and skin.


    The Benefits of Collagen Supplements

    Taking collagen can help you build and maintain lean muscle, strengthen bones, improve skin elasticity and health, and keeps your joints sturdy.So, how does this powerhouse supplement work? Collagen supports connective tissue formation throughout the body. Collagen peptides (hydrolyzed collagen) is ground into a fine powder so that it is easy to absorb into the body. The low molecular weight of collagen supplements allows the body to digest and distribute collagen throughout the whole body.


    Collagen with Vitamin C and Tryptophan

    Without vitamin C and tryptophan, collagen does not contain all the necessary support and amino acids for full digestion and usage of the supplement. Vitamin C allows your body to use the collagen thoroughly, while tryptophan provides the missing amino acid link that completes collagen's amino profile. These two additions to our Progressive Complete Collagen are game changers. They complete the transformative reactions that collagen can form within the body. Your skin, muscles, joints, and bones will feel the difference.

    The Hype is Right

    Research shows that 10 grams of non-GMO collagen is the perfect daily dose to mend an active body. This isn't another health fad that will fade away. Collagen supplements that have the support  of vitamin C and tryptophan can change the chemistry of your body and leave you feeling better than ever.Whether you want to diminish wrinkles, promote cartilage strength, increase muscle mass, or relieve joint pain, collagen can truly do it all.

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