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daryl and his children

Passionate for Progress: Daryl's Story

before and after Image provided by Daryl

Health and fitness haven't always been important to Daryl, who really started taking his nutrition and activity seriously about 4 years ago. He started out slow and steady, focusing on taking an athletic approach to his well-being from the get-go. For Daryl, it wasn't only about cutting calories and hitting the gym. Instead, it was about whole-body health. As a single, co-parenting dad, Daryl knew how important it was to be a positive role model with his children. ''Life is too short''we don't have much time in our lives to pass down a legacy to our children,'' he said. ''we have to make the most of what we have, and make that legacy a positive one.''

From the beginning of his wellness journey, Daryl began to hone in on little changes that would make a big difference. From making switches in his daily diet to focusing more on exercise,   the weight fell off and the health rose up. By taking little steps, he made big moves. ''I've more seriously taken the plunge into health and fitness this year, and noticed dramatic increases in lean muscle mass, with a reduction in body fat percentage,'' Daryl said. ''The slow and steady approach has definitely paid off!  Seriously, that's my secret."

me and kids-1 Image provided by Daryl

When it came to his fitness, Daryl knew that he wanted to keep up with his children while also giving them a positive reflection to look to. Daryl's kids have a lot of energy to keep up with, but he's up to the challenge. ''I want to live longer for my kids!'' Daryl said. ''I'm 45, they are now 7 and 11 - I have to keep up with those young scoundrels.''

At this point, Daryl stays incredibly active. He practices yin yoga five days a week and does CrossFit four days a week. He also takes his Progressive's MultiVitamin for Active Men and Perfect Probiotic 30 Billion. By striking a balance between mindfulness and physical activity, he's been able to see real changes. 

With Daryl's story, it's possible to see the massive action that can come from taking little steps. After all, your body deserves it. ''Gradually implement tidbits into a lifestyle,'' Daryl said. ''One day it all pays off.''

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