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What Experts Use To Supplement Their Diets And Busy Lifestyles



Fitness and health experts have the power, aka responsibility, of influencing their clientele, family and friends, and likely any person who gets wind that they're in the industry. We want to hear what the latest health products are, how to do a perfect squat, or why we're so tired all the time (essentially we go full therapist on them).

We asked Sandra Florio, who has been a fitness trainer for over 15 years, what's her go-to energizing/nutrient-dense protein supplement, and she responded with a resounding ''VegEssential.'' These are Sandra's top reasons why she always has some VegEssential on her (and likely in her)

1. Ease of nutrients

When you lift weights, go for a run, or hit the vinyasa yoga mat, your body is working hard to give you the stamina to perform. The least we can do is thank our bodies by replenishing them with the macro and micronutrients they need to repair, so we can likely do the same thing the very next day. Though a large salad with avocado, tons of vegetables, and a cup of chickpeas may be the perfect meal your body craves, it may not always be the most realistic. VegEssential has over 100% of the recommended daily intake of 13 vitamins, all in the ease of a scoop.

2. More fitness, more calories

Of course depending on well, almost everything, you may or may not need more calories than you're currently getting when you start a workout routine. But Sandra, who is not only a trainer, but a professional athlete, knows she lives a very active lifestyle and needs more calories to supplement her regular meals. And not just any calories, good calories that are derived from high-quality ingredients. VegEssential is packed with more than 100 plant-based ingredients (supplements is one of the few instances where more ingredients can mean a better product...this is no Twinkie).


3.  Elevate snacks  

Sandra uses the example of turning a snack of guacamole and veggies (added the veggies, ''cause a spoon full of guac sounds less appetizing?) into a complete meal. By adding a scoop of VegEssential to the Mexican dip, she ensures she is getting all the macro and micronutrients that her body needs to optimally perform.

4. Easy routine  

Sandra's energetic start to the morning comes from her routine of enjoying a VegEssential enhanced ''3-minute smoothie'' after her workout (love the concept, perhaps with an afternoon routine :). It's a fail proof way of ensuring she is getting what she needs to repair her body and set her up for a successful active day.

  VegEssential is definitely a favourite among the fitness and health community. And of course the Progressive team takes care of all the high-efficacy details, so fitness experts and their influence circle can just enjoy the delicious results.



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