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    With a winning combo of chocolate and coconut, we've got the perfect breakfast cookie.

    This creamy, nutritious, and protein-rich chocolate pudding is super easy to make and requires only 5 ingredients.

    Deliciously healthy recipes made with pumpkin (all the nutrients in pumpkin) that are perfect for fall!
    A simple way to take your yogurt to the next level.
    You'll be surprised that these pancakes are gluten free, they're so delicious!
    An easy, jam packed bowl of porridge is the perfect start to the day!
    A refreshing and invigorating iced latte to help get you started in the morning!
    A delicious tropical smoothie full of protein and vitamins
    Protein rich pancakes with greek yogurt and berries!
    Enjoy these healthy and delicious muffins!
    Prepare these muffins ahead of time for a quick breakfast when you're on the go!
    Prepare this recipe overnight and wake up to a healthy breakfast option!
    Enjoy this frothy Pumpkin Protein shake with cinnamon and whipped cream!

    This fall-inspired recipe was submitted to us by Holistic Wellness Expert Samantha Gladish.