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    Donuts loaded with fall flavours and protein.
    A festive Cranberry Pear Smoothie that highlights the flavours of the season
    This Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Smoothie will indulge those cold weather cookie cravings in a healthy, guilt-free way.
    This low-fat Pumpkin Smoothie recipe tastes like a pumpkin pie in a cup - minus the calories and fat!
    Make this delicious Raspberry Spinach VegEssential Smoothie and reap the many nutritious benefits for the whole day!
    This amazing, no-cook recipe is essentially, Fudge "Plus".  
    Try this fruity and delicious topping on your cupcakes today!
    A delicious parfait recipe with protein and antioxidants.
    Enjoy these Brownies flavoured with avocado and chocolate goodness!
    This rich, protein packed shake is perfect as a post workout treat.
    These delicious and sweet brownies are perfect pre workout or when you need an energizing snack!
    Banana lovers: try this dessert-inspired smoothie for a delicious, decadent, yet totally healthy treat.
     Sink your teeth into our decadent-tasting protein-packed brownies!