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    The classic rice krispy recipe with a healthy twist!
    Unlike traditional eggnog that’s heavy on cream and sugar, our Eggless Eggnog is light yet satisfying.
    With absolutely no artificial flavours, colours, and sweeteners, you can help yourself to seconds guilt-free!
    Very Berry Cheesecake is a healthy indulgence (thanks to PhytoBerry), loaded with antioxidants from exotic fruits such as goji, organic acai, pomegranate, and gooseberry.
    With almost 100 plant-based ingredients thanks to the addition of VegEssential, these cookies deliver unparalleled nutritional density that tastes amazing!
    A quick and easy smoothie rich with vitamins and protein.
    Perfect for taking in hike, or if you are rushing out the door and need a quick hit of sustainable energy.
    Great for snacking while on-the-go.
    A protein-packed breakfast recipe that can be made in just 15 minutes.