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    A refreshing and invigorating iced latte to help get you started in the morning!
    A delicious tropical smoothie full of protein and vitamins
    Protein rich pancakes with greek yogurt and berries!
    Enjoy these healthy and delicious muffins!
    Prepare these muffins ahead of time for a quick breakfast when you're on the go!
    Prepare this recipe overnight and wake up to a healthy breakfast option!
    Enjoy this frothy Pumpkin Protein shake with cinnamon and whipped cream!
    A Fruity mousse full of Antioxidants and Protein
    Fennel, cucumber, and coconut milk make for a refreshing chilled soup!
    This zesty side dish pairs perfectly with burgers.
    Vegan burgers showcasing beautiful Spring produce.

    This fall-inspired recipe was submitted to us by Holistic Wellness Expert Samantha Gladish. 

    Celebrate the season and get a giant dose of nutrients and antioxidants at the same time!